NVSD Seeks Capital Levy ‘For’ and ‘Against’ Statement Committee Members

The Naches Valley School District is seeking volunteers to serve on a ‘for’ or ‘against’’ statement committee for the February 13, 2024 EP&O and Capital Levy measures. As part of the election process, the district is required to make a request for committee members to prepare for/against statements for inclusion in the Yakima County Voters’ Pamphlet. The statements relate to the district’s upcoming Education Program and Operations Levy as well as the Capital Levy that will appear on the February 13, 2024 special election ballot.

The Yakima County Elections Office requires that all school districts appoint persons to serve on the “for” statement committee, and appoint persons known to oppose the measures to serve on the “against” statement committee. Such persons must live in Yakima County.

Individuals from the community who wish to participate on either committee must submit the form below by 5 p.m. on November 23, 2023. 

Click here to view the form.