Bus Route Changes / Cancelations 10/18-10/22

Due to our bus driver shortages, the following routes do not have drivers (see below) for this week’s routes. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but you will need to either:

  1. provide transportation if your route is canceled or
  2. wait for our afternoon bus. We will run an afternoon bus on the canceled route(s) (once our first driver(s) return), but it won’t leave the elementary school until approximately 4:00 PM 

Middle and high school students whose bus route is canceled and who are not picked up will be taken to the elementary school. Elementary students whose bus route is canceled will stay at the elementary. Students can be picked up from the elementary or can wait until the late afternoon bus arrives. The late afternoon bus will take all remaining students home.


Please contact the Transportation Department at 653-1817 with questions or concerns. Please reach out to your child’s school and let them know how your child will be picked up on this day (either you pick them up or they will ride the late afternoon bus). 


If any of this changes, we will send out further communication.


Elementary School: 653-1510 Middle School: 653-1542 High school: 653-1616


Monday 10/18  

Blossom Way AM/PM

South Naches PM Only


Tuesday 10/19

Blossom Way PM Only

South Naches AM Only


Wednesday 10/20  

South Naches PM Only


Thursday 10/21  

South Naches PM Only


Friday 10/22 

South Naches PM Only