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Update to Superintendent Search
NVSD is selecting a new Superintendent of Schools for next school year (2019-2020).

The Naches Valley School Board has selected 7 superintendent candidates for preliminary interviews. The interviews will be held in the Elementary School Cafeteria on Tuesday, February 19th at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. and again Thursday, February 21st at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. This is an open meeting and you are invited to attend, observe and provide the Board written feedback on each candidate. This will not be a forum to ask questions of the candidates. Three finalist will be chosen from this field for an all day interviews on Monday, March 4th, Tuesday, March 5th and Thursday, March 7th. During these interviews there will be an opportunity to meet each candidate, ask questions and again provide written feedback to the School Board.


16 days ago

“The search begins for a new....”

Naches Valley School District Superintendent

The search process to find a replacement for Mr. Duane Lyons has started.  A series of focus group meetings was held on Oct. 10th and a survey was made available to all staff, parents and community members to help identify the strengths and challenges in the Naches Valley School District. As your elected shareholders, the School Board appreciates all your input and will be taking it into consideration in the search of a new Superintendent.


Here is the Superintendent Selection Process Calendar.

  • New NVHS Stadium!
  • Middle School Staff
    Middle School Staff
    The Middle School staff celebrated the completion of training last Thursday. They spent the day learning improved practices to measure student progress.
  • Crazy Pants at the Elementary
    Crazy Pants at the Elementary
    Recently, NVES held a Crazy Pants Day in support of fellow coworkers
    who were suffering from illnesses. Way to lead the way, NVES staff!
  • Middle School Students of the Month
    Middle School Students of the Month
    NVHS September Students of the Month are (not listed in correct order): Marco Corona-Vega, Carter Young, Krista Freeze, Dawson Mathes, Skyler Orr, Dylan Roberts, Xander Hires, Cristabeit Garcia, Katelyn Niebuhr, Evee Heether, Treydon Sedge, Miguel Torres, Tristan Bishop, Keirna Hayman, Joseph Briscoe, Dalton Kohl, and Alli Conger.
Open or Closed? How do we decide?
The decision about late starts or cancellations is made by gathering as much information as possible with multiple people putting their heads together. Two big concerns are whether bus drivers can safely travel the routes, and whether the grounds and maintenance crews will be able to make the parking lots and school grounds safe. During snow events such as we've been having, our head of maintenance is usually out pushing snow by about 3:00 AM. One of his jobs is to communicate (via radio or cell phone) with the transportation director and the superintendent to give reports on conditions. We also contact three bus drivers living in three different directions to get their input, plus check the national weather service and two specific local/micro climate reporting apps.
The superintendent and transportation director will drive the roads themselves if there are questions that driving will answer.

We also watch "flashalert" a local news app (closed system) that all the local schools and local news outlets use to track what other schools are doing (just to get an indicator). In addition, we network via phone with neighboring districts' transportation directors and superintendents.

Criteria for closure include untreated or late developing ice on the roads, unplowed/untreated main roads with a snow build up of more than a couple of inches, and certainly roads that have snow on top of ice! (For us, "main roads" would be Highways 12 and 410, Old Naches Highway and South Naches Road plus their connectors - Allan, Eschbach, Mapleway, Galloway). Even though they are of concern, we cannot wait for the side roads to be plowed; we would NEVER have school then. When side roads are built up/problematic for buses, we call for "alternate snow routes" meaning we don't send buses up those roads for fear of accidents or getting stuck; that means that parents have to deliver their students to the highway or other main road.

Really, each event becomes an educated guess because we have to make the decision hours away from the actual start of the school day. When in doubt, we call a two hour delay to give the plows and de-icers a chance to "catch up" and to buy a short window of extra time to see if conditions improve or deteriorate.

And, because conditions are not uniform throughout the district or throughout the valley, we know that whatever the call we make, there WILL be detractors. Every. Single. Time.

It's the nature of dealing with nature!