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Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students 

The Naches Valley School District recognizes that students whose disabilities adversely impact educational performance and who require specially designed instruction can improve their educational performance when they receive special education and related services tailored to fit their needs. The district adopts the state’s full educational opportunity goal to provide students in need of special education services with a free appropriate public education.  

Special education programs for students eligible for special education shall be an integral part of the general educational programs of this district, and shall be operated in compliance with federal and state requirements governing special education.  The district will provide a continuum of placement options which may include services within and outside the district depending on the student’s needs. 

Not all students with disabilities are eligible for special education services. The needs of those students will be addressed individually and if, appropriate, the student will be provided accommodations or modifications required under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act in accordance with district policy and procedures.

 Mediation or Resolution Agreements 

The board authorizes the superintendent or a designee to bind the district to a mediation or resolution agreement. 

Certificate of Attendance  

In order to participate in commencement exercises, students must have met the minimum criteria for graduation prior to the date of the exercise and otherwise be in good standing with their school through the commencement date. Minimum criteria for participation may be adjusted for students with an IEP whose disabilities have impacted their opportunity to accumulate credits. 

Each student’s IEP team will determine the student’s graduation plan, including graduation date. IEP students who have attended four years of high school and need additional time to complete IEP goals and/or credits may request participation in commencement exercises. IEP students will receive a certificate of attendance until they complete their credits for graduation. The district superintendent shall develop and maintain special education procedures necessary to implement this policy. This policy and the procedures shall be available to the public.  

  • Free appropriate public education (FAPE); 
  • Confidentiality of personally identifiable information;
  • Identification, evaluation, eligibility and reevaluation; 
  • Development of individualized education program (IEP) and placement; 
  • Participation in regular education, least restrictive environment (LRE); 
  • Procedural Safeguard; 
  • Private school students unilaterally placed by parents