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Substitute Information

Would you like to be an Emergency Substitute? Read below to learn how.

Emergency Subs Needed

If you have a Bachelor's Degree and are interested in substitute teaching, you could become an Emergency Substitute Teacher. Here is how: 


1.) Apply for an E-certified substitute position with Naches Valley School District by visiting Frontline


2.) Complete OSPI's E-Certification process. Start here. (The Educator User Guide is located at the bottom of OSPI's page for more help.) There are several steps to this process, and you must complete them all. 


    • Create a profile (a social security number is necessary)
    • Then select "View Application" and "E-Certification."
      • This will prompt you to a three-page basic information application and a military affiliation (complete all pages).
    • Next, you will move to the home page, "Welcome Educator." 
      • On the bottom of this page, you will see four red buttons; you will need to complete the last three.


3.) Email [email protected]  when you have completed the E-Certification Step Two (above). In your email, please include the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your name as registered with OSPI, and your phone number. If you already have an E-Certification please provide us with the certificate number. 


4.) After you receive an email response from [email protected], complete the certification process by logging back into OSPI E-Certification and paying for your certification. 


5.) Watch your email for approval of your E-Certification from OSPI and forward it to [email protected] once received.