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Online Resources

These sites are not mentioned by teachers but might be worth checking out.. please let me know if there are any concerns or issues on this list.

  • Keep in mind this is a work in progress and teachers could still be adding sites / activities. Might also be some duplicates, rather have too many than too few.

  • There is absolutely no requirement for students to work on this, teachers will not grade or teach material that assumes these resources have been used when school resumes.

  • If there is a link that is being blocked please let me know, we are relaxing some YouTube restrictions in order to facilitate the use of these resources.

  • While the content filter will work off site on the Chromebooks, please keep in mind that GoGuardian is off and teachers will not be monitoring devices... that's up to the parents / guardians. We will continue to scan emails and docs for inappropriate / harmful material.

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