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District Report Card

As part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as “No Child  Left Behind” (NCLB), schools, school districts and states must publish “report cards” that contain specific data elements. These report cards provide disaggregated data on the state’s assessment, the Measurement of Student Progress (MSP), by the five major racial/ethnic subgroups; gender; disability; English proficiency; migrant/bilingual status; and economic standing. These reports also include data on school demographics; teacher qualifications; graduation and dropout rates for secondary students; and school improvement status. For more information on individual schools visit:

How can we improve?

We are working to improve our teaching and raise the level of learning in Math and Reading for all students.  Our teachers are working in teams called professional learning communities to improve their teaching, to review how well our students are learning, to re-teach the key information as necessary,  and to ensure that all students are proficient  in learning the important information or ‘power standards’ in math and reading.   

How can you help?

Our families and community are encouraged to become active in our school. We are aware that the demands of daily life do not always make this possible, so we encourage you to participate in your child’s learning at home. Please remember to review the school day with your child, read with them every night, set up an area for them to complete homework, allow for plenty of rest at night, and prepare your child in the morning by encouraging them to eat breakfast. For other information on how you can be part of your child’s education, visit the office at your child’s school.
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