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Credit and Clock Hour Retrieval


To advance on the salary schedule, you need to complete and submit two (2) forms:


The eligible credit form must have an original signature, so you must re-sign the form BEFORE submitting it to the administration office. Some additional help in filling out the eligible credit form:

  • Employee fills out the top box which includes name, date, school/location, and current assignment. (Employees should include every assignment he/she holds including extracurricular as some courses may fit into a coaching category and not into an academic one.) 

  • Employee fills out the middle box which includes date or term earned, institution or provider, course designation (number) and title, number of quarter credits or equivalent, and the column titled “recognition of credits is based on the following criteria #'s.”

    • Those criteria numbers are listed (1-5) in the section below that middle box entitled “Recognition Criteria.” Please remember that an in-service must be at least 3 hours in length (not necessarily in one sitting) to be recognized.

    • Note: Each in-service hour represents 1/10 of a quarter credit. Semester credits are converted to quarter credits by multiplying by 1.5. 

  • Employee signs and dates the form (left, bottom portion of the page). 

  • Employee turns in the form to his/her supervisor for approval. 

  • The supervisor signs the form, fills in his/her title, dates the form, and returns the form to the employee. 

  • The employee sends the original of the form to Erika Reich in the Administration Office. 

Forms that are not complete when turned in, or are not accompanied by a clock hour registration form or official transcript, will be returned to the employee for completion. Credit will not be given for any classes before adequate paperwork is on file in the administration office.

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