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Records Management
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Record Retention FAQ

over 3 years ago


Who is responsible for managing records?
Everyone!  Each School District employee possesses the primary responsibility for the proper care and management of their School public records (this includes paper and electronic records). Administrators have a responsibility to assure that their employees properly manage their public records.

How do I go about destroying my records?
To destroy primary School records in any format (paper, electronic, audio, etc.) you must submit a response in our Public Records Destruction Log prior to destroying. 
What is the retention period for certain records?

To determine the DAN (Disposition Authority Number) and retention period for the log, we use the following Washington State General Records Retention Schedules: Common Records (CORE) and Schools & ESD  
*Confidentiality of records must be maintained even in purging, so records that are open may be thrown, but records that are confidential must be shredded.
If you need additional help identifying an appropriate record series, contact Luisa Brown at 653-1803
What are the next steps and how do I arrange for the shredding company to come to our department? 
Once the Public Records Destruction Log form is complete, you may shred the approved records yourself or contact the Administration Office at 653-1803 to schedule the shredding truck to come to your location.