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Upcoming School Year

August is here and it's time to think about coming back to school. 😄

Here are some important dates and info:
Aug. 20th - High School Fall sports meeting at the high school cafeteria
Aug. 21st - High School Football starts

Aug. 22nd - Middle School Fall sports meeting at the middle school cafeteria

Aug. 26th - High School Cross Country, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball starts
Aug. 27 - First day (except for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades). They begin Aug. 28

School start times are the same as last year:
Elementary - 8:20-3:05
Middle - 8:05-2:50
High - 7:50-2:42

Bus routes and pick up times will remain the same as of now. More information will be forthcoming.

In an effort to save money on postage, we will limit our print resources that go out via snail (US postal service). We will always post everything electronically both on FB and the website.

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