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7 months ago

The Naches Valley School District JT #3 has established a small works roster and is now accepting applications.  All contractors interested in being on the Small Works roster are required to submit an application on an annual basis.  More information and application packets can be obtained from the Purchasing webpage or by contacting: Luisa Brown, PO Box 99, Naches, WA 98937 (509) 653-1803.   Contractors must be licensed and bonded

School Closure - Weather Delays/Late Start

over 2 years ago

If inclement weather conditions occur during the night, the district office will decide whether to:

  • Hold school (regular hours)
  • Hold school (delayed start) - All schools will start two hours late
  • Close school


In the event that our schools are closed or are starting late:

  • Automated phone calls and emails are sent to all district families through the School Messenger system (the system is automatically populated with the primary phone numbers and email addresses available in the Skyward/Family Access system).
  • A notice is posted on the district Facebook page - 
  • A notice is placed on the district website -
  • Local television and radio stations are notified.
  • A notice is sent to the statewide public emergency notification system - FlastAlert Newswire

Alternate snow bus routes are routes that our buses will temporarily service in lieu of the normally scheduled routes due to adverse weather & road conditions.  Whenever Naches Valley School District's  “Alternate Snow Routes” are in effect it will be referenced by the media or our mass notification system.  If buses run on alternate routes in the morning they will also run the same alternate routes in the afternoon.

Because we know many are getting ready for school or leaving early, we try to get these notifications out to our school community between 5:15-5:45 a.m. If we are fully certain of the situation the evening in advance, we will let our families know at that time.  If Naches Valley School District is not mentioned during the newscasts, through School Messenger or on our website, you will know our schools are open and buses are operating on or near the normal schedule.

NVSD Back-to-School Message for Parents

8 months ago

Back-to-School Message for Parents

Hello, parents and guardians! Your most important job as “Involved Parent” is about to begin (again!) As the new school year gets underway, it’s important for you to be comfortable with both your role in the educational process and the tools you have at your disposal.

There is an ongoing debate about what constitutes the ideal balance of parent involvement, but decades of research have revealed three distinct patterns:

  • Children with involved parents have fewer behavior issues and better social skills.

  • Children whose parents have high aspirations/expectations achieve at a higher rate.

  • Consistent school-to-home communication is associated with significant improvements in dropout rates and assessment scores.

The numbers don’t lie. If you stay involved enough to know what’s going on and you support the instructional goals of teachers, you can have a measurable impact on your child’s academic success.

Box with example of parent message

Collaboration is key – use Family Access to work with teachers toward a common goal.

All of which brings us to the topic of Family Access. We use the on-line database “Skyward” to keep track of how your child/children are doing.  Our friends at Skyward have built a library of resources to help you enjoy a better experience every time you log in. Visit to access nearly a dozen Power-Up videos and get answers to some frequently asked questions.

You’ll uncover hidden gems in the Parent Toolkit, such as how to save events to your personal calendar, how to adjust the email and push notifications you receive, and how you can use Skyward to communicate more effectively with teachers, coaches, and anyone else involved in your child’s education.

Box with example of parent calendar export

Yes, you can get important events out of Skyward and into your personal calendar.

If you haven’t already, we would urge you to download the mobile app for more convenient access. Just go to your app store of choice and search for “Skyward.” You’re looking for the one with the white arches in the logo.

box with picture of phone showing skyward app

Mobile Access is always a popular option.

One of the most important things you can do at this stage in the year is work with your child’s teachers to define some baseline expectations. By determining the answers to these key questions, you can save yourself some frustration down the road:

·      How far in advance will teachers be posting future assignments?

·      How many days will teachers need to post grades in Family Access after an assignment or test has been completed?

·      How often will teachers be using Family Access to communicate, and what will be included in those communications?

·      Are your child’s teachers on the same page about your preferred method of communication (Family Access, email, phone call, etc…)?

Anyone can learn how to use Skyward. The key to making that knowledge matter is learning what to do with the information you find there. Get proactive. Sit down with your child and look at Family Access together. Use what you see to prepare for what’s coming next, celebrate successes, and create a plan for any areas of concern.

The start of a new school year is always a whirlwind, but it can set the tone for everything that follows. Here’s to an exciting, stress-free, and memorable year for everyone.

Give Back to Schools

over 2 years ago


Give 5% Back To Our Schools!

Simply make a purchase of qualifying school supplies, provide our school ID at checkout and your designated school will receive 5% back in credits for FREE supplies!

It's a small act that can make a huge difference.