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Volunteers make a significant impact on Naches Valley School District. You can help students of all ages succeed in an ever-challenging world while sharpening your own skills and doing what you love.


How you can help:

Tutor -- Help students excel in academic areas such as math, reading and art.

Mentor -- Be a lunch buddy to an elementary student one hour a week.

Field trip chaperone -- Assist your child’s class during off-campus excursions.

Interpretation and translation -- Communicate with parents and students who speak foreign languages.

Extracurricular and enrichment programs -- Contact the PTA/PTSA to be part of activities such as drama, chess, or science clubs.

Technology assistance -- Help maintain school websites or teach Web design classes.

Administrative support -- Assist staff in school offices and libraries, or at the district level.


In order to volunteer in the district, one must complete and have on file the results from the Washington State Patrol Query. Please submit both forms below to any of the school offices, administration building, or your child's teacher. This allows the district to query the WSP system for past criminal or abuse history. Once the query is completed, you will be mailed the results. If the results are "Clear," you will be placed on the district's volunteer list and will remain there for two year before you must submit another form.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering within our district. We look forward to community involvement in our schools!


Please fill out the forms below:

Criminal and Abuse Disclosure Release Form

Volunteer Assumption of Risk Form

By Luisa Brown

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